Past Employers

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Assistant Designer | 6/08- 12/08
  • Worked with art director and developed concepts, sketches, technical flats, and screen print graphics for collections using the leading Mac design software and traditional sketching methods
  • Communicated production specifications, fittings and approval with factories
  • Researched industry related trends, color palettes and prints

DO DENIM, Hallandale

Assistant Designer | 2/08- 6/08
  • Completed designs using Mac design software for embellishment of mens and womens jeans
  • Created mock-up pages of t-shirt designs and embellishments for production
  • Contacted the factories with changes and approvals to samples
  • Researched current trends, techniques, and graphics in the t-shirt and denim industry

Barry Silver, PA, Boca Raton

File Clerk, Legal Assistant | 8/02- 6/03, 11/06- 6/07, 2/09- 4/10
  • Assisted counsel in gathering client information needed for cases
  • Opened new cases organizing and filing documents
  • Prepared documents for settlement, trial or discovery
  • Assisted in preparing interrogatories, demand letters, witness lists, and exhibit lists

Custo Barcelona, Bal Harbour & Boca Raton

Visual Merchandiser and Sales | 11/06-2/08
  • Styled displays, racks, windows, & mannequins to promote new merchandise and sales
  • Maintained communication with clientele to advise of new merchandise and events
  • Presented outfits utilizing layers to promote multiple item customer sales

Broward County Health Department, Hollywood & Pompano Beach

Family Support Worker | 2/12 - 1/16
  • Consulted with clients individually and in group classes on infant feeding, barriers to breastfeeding, & problem solving issues
  • Documented client contact through state database
  • Maintained breastpump inventory and all necessary documentation
  • Working to correct poor latch which causes pain or nipple damage
  • Tips to reduce pressure in the breast caused by engorgement or breast infection
  • Preemie infantÍž pumping and latching
  • Maintaining a milk supply with return to work
  • How to increase in your milk supply
  • Breastfeeding babies with medical conditions or moms with medical issues affecting breastfeeding

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